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 :: Dixie Trailer Park Reviews ::

Hustler Magazine Web Review:

DixiesTrailerPark.com …"The “WHORES of HAZZARD”!! A compendium of the South's nastiest sluts and horniest housewives slurping interracial cock, posing with shotguns and layin' nekkid on the rebel flag...a fine indication that there's more to being actual, bonafide trailer trash than having a crank-snortin', mullet-wearin' alcoholic boyfriend who is also your blood kin and whose babies you gladly loose into the world every 11 months. This site features TONS of GREAT pics of southern trash gals and their younger girlfriends (daughters?), goin' at a slew of black men (obviously, her Klan membership card has lapsed), and white men (kinfolk?) like a hunger-dazed hillbilly confronted by a big, juicy possum. You might think these gals are dumb, desperate and in the final countdown of a decline that started when the Civil War ended...but you'd be wrong.

They're just doing what comes naturally... Just because a girl swills Rebel Yell and doesn't take the Marlboro out of her mouth when she blows you, doesn't make her trash! Our rating of this site is FIVE STAR, it's highly original and offers something for EVERYONE"!!

Richards-Realm Reviews:

DixiesTrailerPark.com ..."Felicia is your guide into the world of southern swinging. This woman clearly loves sex and especially loves to share her, and her friends, exploits with anyone that would care to listen. Felicia does a very good job of bringing some personality to her site and she has created a fun and easy to navigate site".

Spankmania Reviews:

DixiesTrailerPark.com ... "If you think the trailer park ladies of Jerry Springer get down and dirty then you haven't had the pleasure of checking out the amateur cum sluts here at Dixie’s Trailer Park. These babes do it all - and we mean it all! This is a site that has to be seen to be believed and we know you'll love every single minute doing so! "

Rabbits Reviews:

DixiesTrailerPark.com ... "If you have been asking yourself, “where online can I find the south’s nastiest sluts and horny housewives?”, look no further than DixiesTrailerPark.com. These amateur southern sluts are just plain nasty whores. And we love them for it".

Dirty Dreamers Reviews:

DixiesTrailerPark.com ... "Felicia even gives an open invitation for members to join in on one of her gang bangs. I wouldn't mind meeting her and thanking her for putting such a fresh site together. You can even sign up for a newsletter that alerts you about site updates and when the next gang bang is scheduled. For the amount of content found on the site, the price of admission is well worth it. I cannot wait to see what Felicia adds tomorrow".

Quality Amateur Paysites:

DixiesTrailerPark.com ... "The South may have lost the war, but judging by today's site, they seem to have held on to their whores just fine. DixiesTrailerPark.com features pics and vids of good ol' southern trailer park sluts fucking and sucking their way through a beer guzzlin' brigade of boner-packing beefcakes and licking each other's pussies like they're leaking the last drops of Uncle Zeke's favorite moonshine. Webmistress Felicia offers up a plethora of hillbilly hoes for your enjoyment. These chicks are the real deal, not some aspiring porn starlets dressed up to act the part, and the girls even host their own gangbang and sex parties on a regular basis".

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